Shadowing Copy

  1. 녹음 시작을 누릅니다.
  2. 본인의 이름을 말합니다. “My name is _______________”
  3. 아래에 재생 버튼을 누릅니다.
  4. 재생과 동일하게 [약간 늦게:Shadowing] ] 최대한 똑같이 따라 읽습니다.
  5. 정지를 누르고 확인 후 Save를 합니다.
  6. 재생 파일을 끝까지 마무리 해야 제출 완료가 됩니다.


The Korean hanbok has beautiful patterns sewn onto it.

Today these are nice to look at, but in the past, they were more than simple decorations.

The symbols in the different patterns used to tell a lot about the person wearing the clothes.

The signs of high royalty were the dragon and the phoenix.

The king, queen, and other top members of the royal family used to have these sewn onto their clothes.

Clouds and cranes meant honesty and truth, so scholars usually wore them.

Animals such as the tiger and leopard stood for bravery and strength, so they were used on military clothing.

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