1. 녹음 시작을 누릅니다.
  2. 본인의 이름을 말합니다. “My name is _______________”
  3. 아래에 재생 버튼을 누릅니다.
  4. 재생과 동일하게 [약간 늦게:Shadowing] ] 최대한 똑같이 따라 읽습니다.
  5. 정지를 누르고 확인 후 Save를 합니다.
  6. 재생 파일을 끝까지 마무리 해야 제출 완료가 됩니다.

녹음 버튼을 눌러주세요


Katie’s mother won a million dollars! The store sells lottery tickets. One winner gets a million dollars! Katie’s mother buys one ticket. And guess what? She is the winner!

Now, Katie’s mother is rich. Katie wants new toys and new clothes. Katie wants a big house. She wants to travel around the world.

However, Katie’s mother has a plan. It is not exciting. She puts all the money in the bank.

It is for Katie’s future. Katie’s mother is right. Katie knows it, but how about just one new toy?

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