Listening third time

수업 진행

One summer, Eva and her friends Sam, Wendy, and Linn found a nearby forest. They loved the forest because the trees in it were very, very tall. Most days, Eva would go to the forest. She and her friends named this special place “Giant” because there were so many gigantic trees there. She and her friends would gather there and plot their activities for the day.

Sometimes, they pretended they were stranded in a jungle and had to survive on just the fruit that fell from the trees. At other times, they gathered pine cones that had fallen from the evergreen trees and tossed them at each other.

One morning, they decided to climb the tallest tree. Wendy started to climb but changed her mind. Then it was Eva’s turn. She climbed, branch by branch. Her hands began to feel sweaty. She looked down at her friends. She felt dizzy and very afraid. She was stuck and too terrified to climb down. “Go get my daddy!” she cried. “Tell him he has to get me out of this tree!” Sam ran to Eva’s house and brought her father back to the forest. “I’m here, Eva. Come on down,” said her father. Eva finally climbed down, but she has never climbed up a tree again.

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