Third Listening

수업 진행

I am a cat, Queen Sophia. I stay inside all day and sleep. One day, the front door was open, so I ran outside. I saw a cute squirrel and chased it into a park.

That was a bad idea. The park was full of stray dogs. Because of them, the park was dirty and smelled terrible. One dog came toward me. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I don’t bite.” I asked him why the dogs lived in the park. He said their families abandoned them. Some of them got sick because no one took care of them. Sometimes, they infected the children who came to pat them.

Suddenly, some of the other dogs barked and started chasing me. I was frightened and ran home as fast as I could. I watched them from the window of my house. A few minutes later, a police van arrived. The police caught the dogs and put them in the van. I saw the dog who had talked to me. He waved his paw at me to say goodbye.

At first I was angry at the dirty and noisy dogs. However, now I feel sorry that their families abandoned them.

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